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UHF Radio

Vehicle to vehicle communications while traveling is a bit of a must. Having a UHF / antenna package will make your life a lot easier when traversing 4WD terrain with a group of people. It's also handy when travelling one way tracks and you meet oncoming traffic. The antenna is the dead give away that another like minded Four Wheel Driver, has their ears on too. Ch 10 is the 4WD channel, try that one first. When there's a lot of chatter on the UHF, try moving up or down a channel or two and make sure you let everyone in the convoy know what channel you're on. When travelling with trailers or in convoy Ch 18 is the associated channel.


If your on the Highway, try Channel 40. The truckies use this channel for updated information and road issues. Just remember, there can be a bit of language around major cities so keep the volume down if your travelling with little ones. If you're towing and driving under the speed limit, be alert to other travellers and trucks trying to get past. Slow down in the overtaking areas and let them all past. Accidents are caused when you just blatently drive at 90km/h in 100 or 110km/h zone. Let them know you'll pull over at the next town or overtaking area. 

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