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Innamincka - Outback South Australia


Where: Channel Country


Innamincka is a small outpost on the Strzelecki track. Placed within the 14,000km2 Innamincka Regional Reserve.


From South Australia head north to Lyndhurst and turn onto the Strzelecki track (470km track with no fuel) and follow to Innamincka - located in the top right hand corner of South Australia


From Queensland head west to Thargaminda and take the Adventure Way development road just over the qld/SA border to Innamincka


Situated in the Innamincka Regional Reserve, a Desert Parks pass is required for most camping area's.





Whats There: Australian History


Captain Charles Sturt discovered the Cullyamurra Waterhole in 1845 which has never run dry. Historic areas near Innamincka include Aboriginal sites, a cemetery and the towns ruins and the once Australian Inland Mission Hospital.


68km from the town is the Burke and Wills "Dig Tree" at the Bullah Bullah waterhole on the Cooper Creek, where these early explorers came to their death. There are memorials for both men closer to town. Innamincka is one of the most remote tourist destinations in the world and requires 4WD vehicle to explore the area.


The Innamincka Hotel is a traditional outback pub and popular with tourists for its laidback and friendly charm. The hotel offers great meals and a great choice of beers to get you in the exploring spirit.


The Innamincka Hotel 

P. 08 8675 9901



There are many camping sites just out of the town for  fishing, canoeing and swimming.


Where to Camp:


There area few options at Innamincka for camping, you'll be spoiled for choices along the Cullymurra Waterhole with 8 km's of sites to chose from. Camping here is covered by your Desert parks pass.


Close to Innamincka is the "Town Common" which lies along the Cooper Creek. A $5 per vehicle honesty box system will cover camping here (note* Desert Parks Pass is not required here) The Town common is about 800mtrs from the hotel.


If travelling in the warmer months take fly nets and some bushman repellant. They get pretty thick and hectic if your not used to fly's constantly buzzing around your head.


From Here:


Innamincka is part of the Outback Loop. Travel north to Birdsville, South to Cameron Corner or south west to Lyndhurst. Turn off the Strzelecki to the Flinders Rangers and visit the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary.


You MUST be completely self sufficiant and drive with mechanical sympathy. A break down will be very expensive so preventitive maintenance and a well set up 4WD is a must. Tyre pressures need to be lowered as does your speed. This is Corregation Country.

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