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Oodnadatta - Pink Roadhouse

UHF Channel (Duplex 6) Phone 1800 802 074


Oodnadatta - population 180 is the historic Ghan railway town. The basic conditions are a result of no local councils in outback SA. A large Aboriginal population in a freehold low crime town. There are lots of water holes in the Scrubby Neales creek. A sealed airstrip, museum, 6x4 sandhill driver training track, night lit ball court, grass oval and a Caravan park with facilities. If you agree to no leave rubbish or cut trees, "wild" safe bush camping is ok in the town common


The iconic Pink Roadhouse at Oodnadatta is not just a shop with fuel, it's the life blood of the community. It's a Fuel station, mechanical repairer, post office, cafe, supermarket, bar and campground.


It's the gateway to Alice Springs, Coober Peedy, Mt Dare and Maree.


Where: Outback South Australia (1890)


Getting There: 

Travel here is taken along the Oodnadatta track. The track is hard-based, unsealed road and runs between Marree and Oodnadatta in South Australia. Conditions wise the track is variable in condition at all times. You can also visit here Via Marla and Coober Pedy from the Sturt Hwy.


What to do:

Take a drive around the town it wont take long. There are many old relics and buildings that have survived for over a hundred years. Check out the Mueseum and grab a bite at the roadhouse. This is the last place for supplies if heading into the Simpson Desert or if travelling north to Uluru and Alice Springs. You can also stock up in the well equiped shop and was the only place we saw that had cryvac meat in the fridge ready for travellers.


Oodnadatta also has it's own Aboriginal school which the towns people are very proud of.



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