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Kinkuna - Burrum Coast, Qld


Just 4 hrs north of Brisbane, Kinkuna beach is 36kms east from the Bruce Hwy at Childers. Take a right turn onto Goodward rd and continue for 38km's, then take a right onto Coonarr road for another 8km's. Then you will come to Palm Beach road, take another right and follow the signs to the beach.

What to take:

There are no services available here, be self sufficient. Bring water, food and your own milled timber if you want to have a fire. A portable toilet and 12v shower are a bit of a must. There is no tap water available. Sands pegs required for tents.

Like any sand driving destination, bring a long handled shovel, recovery boards and a snatch strap to be safe. The entry to the beach is where it is softess.


You won't need a vehicle permit, but you will need a camping permit. A family pass of approx $22.40 per family (2 adults & 2 children) per night.


Contact: web

Located in the Burrum Coast National Park, Kinkuna is yet another Queensland coastal beach to get away and enjoy the outdoors. Fill up with fuel and supplies in Childers as there are no services available at the camp site. This is beach camping on the junes forshore at it's finest.


Take a swag, a tent or camper trailer. There are no street lights so get your 12 volt set up in order and be self sufficient. You can bring a generator here, just be considerate to other campers.


With the sun rising from the east, and million dollar views across the ocean, jump in for a morning swin before breakfast and enjoy the everything this cracking spot has to offer.


Head north along the beachfront down to the river an set up some awnings and enjoy the shallows of the river. Crossing the river in the 4WD is pretty dicey as the shallows are very soft. Leave that to someone else prepaired to lose their truck in what we would describe as quick sand.


The kids will love the shallows and it is not a bad spot for fishing as well.


Kinkuna can be very popular in holiday season so book ahead or you may miss out. There are up to 40 permits allowed at any one time. Out of peak season, you may not see another person here. 


Camping at destinations on beach's like this are something we need to protect. Pleas folks, take all of your rubbish with you, get a spare wheel rubbish bag or the like and leave no trace you were there. Camp fires need to be put out properly, if you have run out of water, there is plenty in the ocean to get it done.


So grab a map and check it out !


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