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G’day folks,


Yep, that’s our mugs in the smiley pic on the right of the page. Starting left to right, meet Nicole, Paul, Corey & Emily.


After a 15 year period for Paul selling Toyota’s and Nissans throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia, and Nicole’s Corporate, marketing and import / export backgrounds all culminating in long hours in the rat race, we decided to make some big changes to our family time..


Having spent our young years growing up in the relaxed town of Noosa Heads, we sort to get back to our roots and give the kids the opportunity to travel and take in the real culture and beauty of our homeland.


4WD Travel is about family and touring anywhere in Australia. Located in the Sunshine state of Queensland, we wanted to bring a family perspective on all things 4WD, camping and the travelling to coastal & outback adventures through out the country.


With the kids in tow, our adventures started out as a simple holiday here and there, taking in local campsites with a humble tent and as the years have rolled by, the sense of freedom and adventure turned our thoughts to taking a much wider approach. 


   "A desire to learn, experience and explore

Australia’s Heritage."


The landscapes and legends that have only been seen in books or glossy magazines or DVD have seemed so far away. The pristine beaches, iconic outback pubs and everything in-between, and yet it’s all here in our own big back yard.


We too used to say, “I’d like to do that one day” you know, pack up a truck and travel Australia. But I just don’t have the time. The kids have school and sport, and work is just not going to allow it.


The fact is,


“You wont do anything unless you commit to it.”


 It’s a hard nut to crack when you’re sorting out your priorities in life. The work life balance doesn’t seem fair at all; in fact its just plain one sided.


You can however make commitments to yourself and your family. Take a break, call it a holiday and get out! If you like the idea of being with your family away from the daily grind, 4WD Travel is a great way to get you back in the world of adventure, and to not just a workaholic.


It doesn’t matter what you do for a crust, if you can drive and have a willingness to learn, traveling by 4WD is a great reason to spend time with the family and leave the technology behind. The kids will learn to communicate again!


So please, if your looking for ideas and a basic knowledge of what you too can do when it comes to the outdoors in Australia, follow us as we discover a desire to adventure.


We will share our travels, thoughts and idea’s, review products, talk 4WD’s, camp set up’s, what you need to know and how to pre pare for traveling with kids. For anyone who has only ever thought about it, this is the website for you.


Keep it simple stupid so even the novices can understand. That’s our motto, because that’s where we started too. Thanks for taking the time to read, we hope you’ll enjoy our pages and find what works for you and your adventures.

Simpson Desert
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