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Cathedrals on Fraser


Cathedral Beach is located about 10 minutes past the Maheno shipwreck on 75 mile beach,  on the eastern side of Fraser Island. It's the halfway point on the island with access to the northern section through Orchid beach to Sandy Cape, or head south to Happy Valley, Eurong, or the inland tracks to Kingfisher Bay and Lake Mckenzie.


Cathedrals is a well set up camp ground for travellers spending short stays or weeks at a time. The camp ground is fully fenced for safety from the island Dingoes, the shop at the entrance has everything you will ever need during your stay. Petrol / Diesel, ice, hot food, bait & tackle, supermarket type items, alcohole take aways, and in the cooler months you can also buy bags of fire wood for use in the fire rings located through out the grounds.


Hot showers and flushing toilets are located in both camp grounds, camp kitchens and shelters are also free to use during your stay. There is also powered and unpowered campsites all nestled in a tree'd enclave of camping. Hence "Cathedrals" will make sense when you get there.


The campgrounds are set back from the beach and are protected to some degree from the wind. Water taps are also located throughout, just be mindfull to boil any water first before use.


For Bookings, have a look at their website



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