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Litchfield National park is nestled about one and a half hours south of Darwin on the western side of Northern Territory's top end.

The road is paved all the way in so any vehicle can come in to the National Park. There is also a specific 4x4 track if your looking for a bit of adventure.

There are several camping spots with in the park and pass's can be purchased at the information centre as you drive in.

With out doubt the highlight would be Wangi Falls. With a camp ground right on the door step, Wangi falls offers a walking track around and above the twin waterfalls.

The fresh water natural pool that lays below the waterfalls is one of the best swimming holes in the NT. The water is clear allowing you to see the rocky bottom before venturing over to the falls themselves where it get much deeper with an almost black colour looking down.

Take a fresh swim in the lagoon pool and make your way over to the falling water.  As you approach the falls directly it becomes very hard swimming against the current created by the falls themselves, but the easier way is to make your way around the sides to the rocky cliff walls.

If you manage to get under the falls, it's a pretty spectacular view looking back, but be aware, the water is strong. It is also the best shower you will ever have !

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