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4WD Travel - Travel Tips


An Air Compressor gives you the ability to travel with confidence in all terrains. For example: Beach driving requires lowering your tyres pressure to around 18 PSI. When you get back to the tarmac, you have to pump up your tyres or risk damage to the side walls from excessive heat build up.




Air Compressors
Vehicle Repair manual

If you're not a mechanic, 4 wheel driving in remote areas can be a bit of a put off. Infact most newer travellers will not take any risk and simply put off a trip from fear of busting something on your truck.


A vehicle repair manual or service manual is your greatest asset when travelling anywhere.

Battery Chargers

A weekend will run down batteries in no time depending on what charge system you have, or even what the ambient tempreture may be. We tried a couple of chargers and found the CTEK to be pretty bullet proof, for doing the job, surviving rugged travel, and getting the job done either when mounted in the camper trailer, or just sitting on charge while in the garage.

UHF Radio

Vehicle to vehicle communications while traveling is a bit of a must. Having a UHF / antenna package will make your life a lot easier when traversing 4WD terrain with a group of people. It's also handy when travelling one way tracks and you meet oncoming traffic. The antenna is the dead give away that another like minded Four Wheel Driver, has their ears on too.

Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressure, ok you need 2 things when 4WD travelling. A tyre pressure guage and a air compressor. When you sort that out you can utilise this information on tyre pressures alot easier.

Think about your tyres as a foot print on the surface, it's easy to see that hard tyres (36 to 50 PSI) will only spread over a minimum amount of surface. They will roll better and also save you on economy.

Tyre Pressure Guages

There's a bucket load of different tyre pressure guages out there. The main 2 types are, Pre set valves, which can be pre set to (eg 18 PSI) and when they're done, the air stops coming out. The other is the Tyre deflater with a PSI guage. This allows you to stop at any pressure you desire, and is handy for dropping a couple of PSI when needed. The benefit of a tyre deflater with a guage connected to it, is that you can try different pressures depending on the terrain (eg from 38 to 26 to 15 PSI)

12 Volt Power options

Dual batteries in your 4WD are the ultimate in extra 12 volt power around your car, especially if running a fridge, camp lights or 12 volt cigga & USB connectivity.


Another option for short stays or weekenders is the 12 volt battery box as seen in this picture. If you don't have dual batteries or can't have your car at the camp site you're on, then this sytem is a beauty.

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