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The Family Runabout


 4WD Travel  is everything 4WD, Camping, Touring and discovering Australia.

We often travel solo or with a group of families and throw together some footage of some of our great travels around Australia. We call it our lifestyle side hustle, when we are not working on building empires, we are right here living everything Australia has to offer. 

Check out travel articles, places to camp, reviews, travel tips, blogs, vehicle set ups &  even some great camping gear to buy if your looking for some great quality products. 


Read some of our articles like, how to keep the kids entertained, food prep and things you need to consider with both vehicle and camping gear before taking on your next adventure. 

We also have the privilege of testing some great products in the vehicle & camping markets. Some products have stood the testing well, while others have been replaced several times in search of quality.


Cheap components in the middle of Country will make you cry, don't take short cuts on cheap components, it just isn't worth it !

Tested from the Outback, the top end including the kimberly and cape york, we even pulled camper trailers through the Simpson desert and back home on the East Coast beach's, and our favourite, Fraser Island.

Thanks for checking out 4WD Travel Australia page, we don't profess to be the know it all's in the industry, but we are out there enjoying it. We don't care about what you drive or how old you are, there is a place for everyone when getting up and about in the heat Aussie outdoors. 


Got a question? send us an email, otherwise see you out on the tracks.








Marloo Bay - Fraser Island

From our Video Reel  Cape York Pt 1

Check our free video of the Simpson Desert

Check out the travel article

"Gold Coast to Oodnadatta"

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Bungle bungles WA

Track work
Fraser Island

Old Telegraph track - Cape York
4WD Travel

Eringa Creek S.A.

Lake Argyle W.A.

Layalty Beach - Cape York
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